Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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It’s not unusual to hear people say one reason they enjoy a particular place is that they are sharing this space with like minded people. Fans feel this at a concert. Geelong supporters feel like this in Geelong. Christians feel like this at church. But all of these are temporary. Concerts end, the game finishes, worship concludes, and we all go home. Sometimes we go home wondering what it would be like if this didn’t ever end – if we could spend forever with such people.

The promise of the Bible is that such a day will come; such a day will come when we will spend eternity with like minded people. And this will be true for the righteous and it will also be true for those described as ‘wicked’. Today we consider this final separation and how it is described in the last phrases of Psalm One. The question that we all need to ask ourselves is, “Which side of this separation will I be on?” We hope to help you answer that question.


Psalm 1


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