Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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Death is something that confronts us all, so how do we respond to that? Do we believe we can avoid it? Certainly many people seem to do everything they can to deny it’s reality, and yet it will still come. Or do we ignore it, as though it doesn’t really matter?

In this sermon Brian will open us to this topic as we see how David, who is yet to be king, responds to the death of Saul, the current king. Importantly, we also see how he reacts to the death of Jonathan, his best friend. We will acknowledge another death, and this time one of even greater significance, as we remember the death of Jesus – a death we believe brings salvation and a full reconciliation with God; a death which, strangely, has defeated death and through which we find life.

How do you respond to this death? Your answer to that will reveal your relationship to Jesus.

2 Samuel 1:1-27