Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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Christmas 2022

We all know that Christmas is a special time of year but we might not all have the same reasons to call it special. For Christian people, we see Christmas a very special because of the birthday it relates to – the birth of Jesus.

It’s such a special birthday that we get to celebrate each year and we invite you to celebrate with us.

Each Sunday through December we will hear about Mary’s Unusual Story. If you don’t know her
story, we think you will be amazed to learn it. And if you do know Mary’s story, you’ll understand why we call it unusual.

We are meeting at 6 Waterloo St, Heathmont each Sunday morning at 10.00am. We invite you to come along and share this time with us. We normally are having morning tea by 11.20am.

On Christmas morning, Dec 25, we will be meeting at 9.30am.

If you can’t share this time with us in person, you are invited to join us online. Just follow the link on
the front of the website. You can also find the messages about Mary under the sermon tab, or click here

We pray that you will know the peace of God this Christmas time, a peace that comes only through Jesus. Jesus really is good news for you and for our community.