Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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There was a time when it wasn’t unusual to see these words hanging on the wall of a home – “Bless this house.” Even people who had turned away from God would have known this phrase and would be comfortable to have it hanging in there home.

Why? Possibly because it was the opening line of a song by Helen Taylor that was well known in the 20th century –

Bless this house O Lord we pray; Make it safe by night and day;
Bless these walls so firm and stout, Keeping want and trouble out . . .

You will also hear these words today as we read the prayer of King David where he concludes his prayer with similar words.

David isn’t talking about a building. He is talking about future generations, and as such it is a good example of prayer. We have much to learn from listening to the prayers of others.

2 Samuel 7:17-29