Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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I’m new

You are welcome to meet with us on Sunday mornings as we worship together.

Where is Heathmont Presbyterian Church?

You can find us at 6 Waterloo St, Heathmont. Really, it’s on the corner of Canterbury Road and

Waterloo Street. Drive in, park your car, and wander in.

What can I expect?

You can expect to be warmly welcomed by some friendly people at the front door. If you’d like to just sneak in quietly, our welcoming people will understand that too. Inside the building you will find a place to sit amongst a warm community of people. We aim to keep the building warm and winter too, and then cool in summer. As we worship together, you will hear us sing, pray, share a testimony, and read the Bible. Then you’ll hear a sermon from our pastor or a guest speaker.

What’s a sermon?

Good question. A sermon is an explanation of what we read in the Bible, how it applies to our lives today, and how it explains the good news of Jesus.

Will I be asked to do anything?

Nothing you don’t want to do. We will invite you to sing along with us, and we’ll ask if you have any questions. We will ask you to share your contact details, and that will be important as we all go through the Covid-19 experience together.

Can I bring my children?

Absolutely. Church is a place where children should be safest, and we have taken steps to ensure that is the case here. We would be delighted to have your children join us. There is a basket near the door with a clipboard containing some activities the children can do during the worship service.

Do you want my money?

During our worship, a collection will be taken up but you are under no obligation to give.