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Jude 1-4

The verses we read today urge us all to ‘contend’. What does it mean to contend for something? Cambridge Dictionary shows it has a positive and a negative meaning – we contend for or we contend against something.

Jude is encouraging us to contend for the truth once delivered to all the saints. Obviously it is important to know what that truth is so that you can contend for it. So we keep reading the Bible to help us and guide us to know what the truth is and how to live out that truth properly.

When we are contending for something, it is also usual for us to be contending against someone or something. The word translated as ‘contend’ implies wrestling – you are contending against an opponent as you contend for the truth. Jude describes those opponents in the middle section of his letter.

Today we will return to Jude’s call to all Christians to contend for the faith. Put on your wrestling gear and get ready.


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