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“Everybody needs a shepherd”

Most of our friends would probably look at that statement and wonder what we’re talking about. “Why would I need a shepherd? I’m not a sheep!” Which is true, but not completely.

In Australia, a shepherd (farmer) will normally have huge paddocks and enormous flocks of sheep that live in paddocks somewhere on the farm. The farmer will go up evry day or two to check the water and food supply, and open gates to move the flock. There’s normally a few dogs to help as well.

And who wants a shepherd like that?

But the idea of a shepherd in the Bible is much more personal. Here the shepherd has a flock of sheep who know his voice and follow him. There’s no need for dogs or even for fences – the sheep follow the shepherd because they trust him.

David is a good shepherd, but we need a great shepherd.

David is a good king, but we need a great king.

2 Samuel 5:1-25


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