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The Bible is an important book to Christians. Most people would agree with this statement even if the Bible isn’t important to themselves.

But why? Why is the Bible important for Christians?

John Woodhouse in his book on 2 Samuel has written this –

The golden thread that holds the whole Bible together, the central message that makes sense of all the details, is this: God has promised. The Bible is valuable for the wealth of information it contains about many things, but the Bible is of ultimate worth because in it God makes his promise.

We know how easy it is to focus on the promise and lose sight of the promise-giver. But we should also keep in mind that the reason we have confidence in the promise-giver is the promise-given and the promise-kept.

As we open the book of 2 Samuel today, we will see the promise given and remember how that promise has been kept. From there we have confidence in other promises yet to be fulfilled.

2 Samuel 7:1-21


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