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Everybody appreciates encouragement. Everybody likes it when a card, or email, is received which expresses someone’s appreciation for what has been done. Most people would probably prefer to send encouraging notes to others (have you sent any over this last week?)

Preachers would be very pleased if we always had positive and encouraging messages to bring to people, and there is much in the Bible that should encourage, build up, and spur on. But there are also times when those who preach need to remind their hearers to keep on the right track because there are others who are seeking to turn you off to a wrong track. The little letter from Jude in the New Testament is such a letter, urging us to keep on the right track and to contend for the truth of faith that has been given to us in Jesus.

In part one of this message, Brian reminds us of the value of encouragement while showing that sometimes we need something else.

Jude 1-13


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