Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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How can you be sure you are staying on the right track?

  • Make sure you start on the right track
  • Make sure you know where the track is leading
  • Make sure the people you travel want to be on the same track as you do

We could add a fourth suggestion – know what you need to do to say on the right track.

And that brings us to our focus today. We begin with Jesus and look at what he has done for us, for without him, we are on the wrong track. Then we look at what we can do for ourselves, these things we do together to help each other press on. Finally we consider what we can do for others who are struggling or who aren’t sure this is the right track. Why would we help them? Because one day we might be the one who needs that help.

(You won’t take long to realise there is a problem with the audio. We apologise for this and hope you might be able to persevere through this video.)

Jude 17-25


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