Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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Everybody has the chance to learn how to live properly. We can do this by listening carefully and following the right instructions. And we can do so by watching others. When people do something right, we can learn to do the same. When people do something wrong, we can learn not to do the same. Jude uses some examples that his readers would understand, even though they might be a bit more difficult for us. However, the lessons are still clear – these people rejected what God had given to them and the consequences of this were catastrophic.

This is important for Jude because he knows there are people in the church who are making the same mistake and he doesn’t want his friends to follow them. Which shows that Jude is a good pastor – he is ready to declare positive truth as well as to denounce error.

Let’s aim to help each other to stick to the right path.

Jude 3-11


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