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2 Samuel 12:11-25

An important life lesson is summed up in three words, “Life’s not fair.” Children can – and should – learn this early. When we read the stories of the Bible, we can find ourselves saying the same thing, “That’s not fair.”

In our final look at 2 Samuel for a while we are hearing the words of Nathan to David in chapter twelve, words that will probably make us want to say, “That’s not fair.” Firstly, there is forgiveness for an act that deserves much more than he is given. Secondly there are the consequences of David’s actions, and these consequenes impact many more people than just David.

As we hear the story, and even as we want to complain about things being unfair, we should also be overwhelmed at what this story says about us and our connection to God’s grace revealed in Jesus Christ. If you miss this, the story will always be unfair.

There is a statement in the New Testament letter called “Romans” which is worth remembering –

‘The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life’

Accept the gift that is offered.


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