Heathmont Presbyterian Church

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The story of Narcissus is a story that can sit alongside the letter of Jude as a warning. Narcissus, so the story goes, couldn’t find anyone worthy of his love until one day he saw a reflection of himself in some water and fell completely in love with the person he saw there. Of course, as it was just a reflection, that love could not be returned. And so Narcissus pined away in despair until he died. In seeking to please himself, and only himself, Narcissus lost everything he was hoping to gain.

The letter that Jude writes to Christians of all ages points out the danger of people like Narcissus in the church – they seek their own way rather than the way of Christ; they seek their own advantage rather than caring for others; and they seek their own followers rather than supporting others. It won’t end well for them, but the damage they cause can be horrendous.

Today, we will learn about those that Christians contend against and why we can do so with confidence.

(We had some camera issues today, so we’re stuck with the broad view of church)

Jude 11-19


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